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Esports Is Becoming More Profitable Than Ever

Thanks to the huge popularity esports presently enjoys, many investors are more than willing to put some money into this relatively new industry. What started humbly almost 40 years ago today is a billion dollar industry.

As esports becomes more popular, businesses, including professional sports leagues and organizations, want to invest in them and get a piece of the pie.

Sports Leagues Interested in Esports

Sports leagues and esports are now closely connected. A lot of people would disagree, but esports is often compared to traditional sports in terms of entertainment potential.

The information found in the infographic below made by NJ Games illustrates just how much money and resources sports leagues are investing in esports, as it has been shown to be a great way to attract a larger fan following.

For example, the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software are partnering to make a new esports league based on the NBA 2K game series.

Additionally, Electronic Arts Inc., the NFL, and ESPN have announced the launch of the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series.

Finally, the NHL organized the NHL Gaming World Championship event. The organization is now looking to get all 31 teams involved.

Olympics Might Trigger a Revolution

As you may have heard, there is a chance that esports could become an Olympic sport. The IOC committee is currently debating whether esports should make a debut at the 2024 Paris Games as a demonstration sport.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Asian Games have already included esports as a medal contest. This is hardly surprising, considering their incredible popularity in Asia.

Unfortunately, there are also many opponents of this idea. One of them is the Olympics president who feels that the excessive violence in esports is a big problem.

In any case, we can wait and see what happens, but the potential is there for the esports industry.

Players and Teams Get Big Paychecks

Being an esports “athlete” nowadays is becoming more and more profitable, which is a dream job of many young people around the world. In the beginning, prizes for esports contests were quite symbolic; it was more about having fun playing against other people than playing for money.

The situation is entirely different now, as the 2018 DOTA 2 Championship had a prize pool of more than $25.5 million.

The top paying players such as Kuroky, N0Tail, and Miracle- are worth several million dollars each. The numbers are even more impressive when we look at the top gaming teams, such as Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Team OG, who have earned more than $20 million each thus far.

Considering all these impressive numbers and stats, we may conclude that eSports are on an upward trajectory to become even more popular and successful in the near future.

To find out more information about it, check out the exciting infographic below.





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