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Everything Esports - Electronic Gaming Federation, Fortnite World Cup, Austin’s first esports bar, and more!

Everything Esports, your esports news from the past week. Electronic Gaming Federation to Launch National High School Esports Championship with ESPN, Fortnite World Cup: 16-year-old wins record $3 million, Simplicity Esports to Acquire PLAYlive Nation, Austin’s first esports bar opens, Fortnite Cheaters Booed, and more!

Electronic Gaming Federation to Launch National High School Esports Championship with ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in 2020

The Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex today announced they will host the national interscholastic high school esports championship tournament, June 12-14, 2020, featuring the best high school esports teams in America.


Fortnite World Cup: 16-year-old wins record $3 million prize in esports video game tournament

After cruising through the first round of the multiplayer game's first-ever $30 million World Cup tournament, Giersdorf outlasted everyone from professional players to big-name streamers, racking up 59 points to finish in first at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, as CBS News reported. His $3 million payout, secured by a 26-point lead over second-place finisher Harrison "Psalm" Chang, is the largest for a solo player in esports tournament history.


Simplicity Esports to Acquire PLAYlive Nation and its 44 Game Centers

The all-stock transaction will see PLAYlive Nation and its 44 current centers, spread across 11 states, folded into the Simplicity brand. PLAYlive Nation facilities serve more than 150,000 players per year, according to a release, and have console and PC gaming setups along with areas for card game competitions.


Almost a billion people watch esports {=~DATA!~=}

My new Q3 Global Digital Statshot report – published in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite – reveals that almost 1 billion people around the world are already watching video game tournaments.

Data from GlobalWebIndex shows that ‘esports’ audiences have grown by close to 50 percent over the past 12 months, with 22 percent of all internet users saying they’ve watched a video game tournament in recent months.


Retail Landlords Look to Esports to Lure Young Gamers

Property companies are building sports stadiums to draw players and their fans.  

In June, mall owner Simon Property Group said it would be investing $5 million to become a shareholder of Allied Esports International Inc., and it plans to launch an esports competition that will be held at some of its malls in New York and Los Angeles.


Austin’s first esports bar opens on West Sixth next month

Moving into the former location of J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge, Valhalla will combine bar food and booze with a considerable gaming setup — 12 PCs, six consoles and 26 television screens, all entirely free to use. According to Eater Austin, Valhalla founder Hans Goss plans to bring tournaments and watch parties to the lounge in addition to other events.


'Hearthstone' Dumps One-Hero Specialist Card Format In Esports Competitions

If one player wins both games, then they win the match. But if the players are tied after the first two games, the winning deck from the second game is also removed, and players choose again. At any point, they can choose to replay a deck they've lost with already.


Fortnite Cheaters Booed by World Cup Crowd As They're Eliminated From Tournament

Epic Games previously banned XXiF and Ronaldo from Fortnite for 14 days, after an internal review found that the players had colluded with other players in order to acquire easy elimination points during week 3 of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, according to Dexerto. The pair were subsequently dropped from their team, Rise Nation. That initially sounded like the end of the whole matter, but then XXiF and Ronaldo qualified during the week 8 qualifier, finishing in third place and securing a spot during the finals.

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