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Everything Esports - Kevin Garnett, Honda, Kellogg's, Visa Change's Effects on US Residency, & More

Everything Esports: your esports news from the past week. Kevin Garnett invests in Triumph Esports, Battle at the Bowl Pairs Gamers with College Football Bowl Games, visa change could make it harder for esports pros to become US residents, ESPN, ABC delay broadcasts of esports ‘shooter’ tournament after mass shootings, Honda doubles down on esports, Kellogg's enters esports, and more!

Former NBA All Star Kevin Garnett invests in Triumph Esports

Triumph Esports announced Monday that 15-time NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett is investing in the newly formed company through his experiential event management and production company, Big Ticket Sports LLC.  

The investment marks Garnett's first foray into esports. Big Ticket Sports currently owns the Hoop It Up three-on-three basketball tour and Kick It Soccer three-on-three tour.

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