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XLIVE Esports Summit 2019
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Hana Tija, UTA - XLIVE Interview Series | 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit

Watch XLIVE's interview with Hana Tija, Agent at UTA (United Talent Agency), live from the 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit in Downtown Los Angeles!

About UTA:  "United Talent Agency is a premier global talent and literary agency representing many of the world's most acclaimed figures in every current and emerging area of entertainment and media, including motion pictures, television, digital, broadcast news, legit theater, video games, books, music, and live entertainment. The agency is also globally recognized in the areas of film finance, film packaging, branding, licensing, endorsements and representation of production talent. UTA additionally provides corporate consulting, venture funding and strategic advisory services to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. UTA operates the brand strategy agency UTA Brand Studio and owns market-leading broadcast news agency Bienstock."

Welcome back to the XLIVE Esports Summit. I am joined today with Hannah Tija with UTA. Thank you so much for being here. Please tell us a little about yourself and the company that you work for.

I work for United Talent Agency. I am an esports agent, in the department. We represent professional players as well as streamers. I sit on the streamers side, as all my clients are essentially streamers and YouTubers, and all in gaming. I've been in the space for about five years now and most of my clients have been with me since the very beginning of their careers.

So tell us a little bit about the panel that you guys had. We had some pretty well known streamers, Pokimane, Fuslie and Valkyrae. Tell us a little bit about what you guys discussed today and what impact that has towards the overall esports ecosystem.

So our panel today was about business and the community that they've built. I think that a lot of brands enter the market, and they're not quite sure as to how to take that first step. And the hope here was really to help bridge those gaps between brands and streamers. Sometimes there's fears around live streaming and stuff and having those girls today talk about their experience with the tools that they use in moderation I think is really important to help assure marketers or brands that are entering this space that it really isn't risky, just know who you're sponsoring.

Streamers Building a Community and Business in Gaming.jpg

"Building a Community and Business in Gaming" panel. From left to right, Hana Tija (UTA), and streamers Imane 'Pokimane' Anys, Leslie 'Fuslie' Fu, & Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter

You mentioned you've been in the space for five years, you're an agent and you've kind of represented that talent since then. What tips do you have for anyone that's interested in getting into the esport space? That's kind of a big thing these days. It's a bigger market that's growing and everyone just thinks that just because they love esports, they can enter the space. So how did you get in and then what tips can you share for others that are looking to do the same thing?

I would say do good work, be at all the events and network, and when it comes to talent, know who you're trying to sign and understand what the approach is when you're trying to sign them. I think that there are times where people can be really aggressive about it. Talent at the end of the day, sometimes need education on what we do. I think that that's a huge part of our job, to educate them on what talent representation means and what that service actually requires. So my tips are to maintain a good reputation, have good relationships with everyone in the esports space, and do honorable work more than anything.

Awesome. Hannah, thank you so much for joining us. For everything XLIVE you can find us here. Hit the like, subscribe, and stay up to date news with everything XLIVE, esports and live events. Thank you.

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