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XLIVE Interview Series

Kent Wakeford, KSV Esports Interview (video) - XLIVE Esports Summit 2018

We sat down with Kent Wakeford, Co-Founder of Gen.G Esports at the XLIVE Esports Summit, April 2-3, 2018 in Los Angeles.

We spoke with Kent about his acquisition of the world champion League of Legends team, The Samsung Galaxy, his Hero of the Storm team, the formation of two PUBG teams, and his team’s mission of bringing the best esports athletes from Asia to a global stage.

Watch the interview below!



[00:00]Here we are with Kent Wakeford, founder of KSV esports.  Man, you guys have been all over the place doing a lot of exciting things, fill us in. What’s going on?

[00:10] So this year has been an amazing for us. We started with the Seoul dynasty, which is just been on fire in the overwatch league and we’re incredibly proud of the team. The fan base has been going crazy. Both in Seoul as well as here in the U. S., followed that up with acquiring Samsung Galaxy, the World Championship League of Legends team. So that was an incredible acquisition for us, but more importantly, it’s an incredible team, an incredible players. So they’re now part of the KSV organization and we couldn’t be happier. And then our heroes of the storm team, keeps winning and we’ve recently formed two PUBG teams that have been playing in tournaments around Korea and it’s just been, it’s been one hell of a ride.

[00:57] Absolutely. Look, you guys got a lot going on in different markets. How do you balance that? So you’re developing a North American fan base, especially with Overwatch League being based here out of LA for a bit, for the first years, but then you’re building out your experiences and your fanbase internationally as well. How do you juggle that?

[01:12] Well, so our mission coming into this was to bring the world’s best esports athletes from Asia to a global stage. So that was our focus and our commitment. So as we think about our teams, Seoul dynasty, you know, one of the most recognized and award winning, championship winning teams, Samsung Galaxy, the same, same thing. So for us as a team, it’s about bringing these great players who have been within, you know, kind of semi isolated within South Korea, to much more of a global stage and focus has been North America. And then more importantly for us it’s been China. So we’ve made a big, big push into China. We recently announced our opening of our Shanghai office or putting content partnerships together, marketing partnerships. We now have staff in Shanghai. So you’ll see us make a big effort into bringing awareness, content marketing, and our teams to China

[02:09] Makes a lot of sense with your PUBG acquisitions I think we all know the market, well, the vice grip that PUBG has on it. So what’s next?  Are you going to go more mobile? You find yourself kind of focusing on that in those Chinese and Asian markets?

[02:21] Well, you have to understand our backgrounds. So me, Kevin Chu, Mike Lee, all co founders of KSV, prior to this we ran a mobile game company called Kabam for 10 years.  We were making mobile games. We Love Mobile Games. We believe in the power of mobile games that everyone has this in their pocket and can access it, play, and watch 24/7. So for us, mobile gaming, mobile esports is just kind of the Nirvana for us. So we are very committed to that as an esport and we’re going to be diving in.

[02:56] That’s amazing. What do you play? We got to know, do you have time to play?

[03:00] Well, I’ve been playing a lot of the, the PUBG mobile recently. Um, and it’s been fun, although I keep getting like nailed, constantly in the same spot! But I will keep playing and I may actually boot it up right after we finish this interview as well.

Awesome. Well thanks so much for your time today.

Thank you.

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