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XLIVE Esports Summit 2019
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Notable Moments From the 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit

The 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit was held June 25-27 in Los Angeles, and brought together some of brightest and most influential minds in the esports space. Read about some of the notable moments and key takeaways from the event below!

The Live Recording of The Business of Esports Podcast

The Business of Esports is a weekly podcast which covers various aspects of business, specifically the money, power, and decision making, within the quickly growing and ever-adapting esports space. Podcast hosts Arda "Vocal" Ocal (left) and Paul “Maniac” Dawalibi (right) closed out the XLIVE Esports Summit’s content tracks with an insightful & entertaining conversation which covered a number of topics, the first being FaZe Banks' recent comments.  To the attention of many, the co-owner of FaZe Clan was recently quoted saying “Fuck esports, quite frankly, it’s all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo bullshit, smoke and mirrors, I could talk about that all day.”  Someone being outspokenly negative towards esports is not necessarily newsworthy, but the fact that an esports team owner, who's in the middle of a fundraising round, is publicly shaming the very industry he works in. 

After breaking down FaZe Banks' recent comments, the podcast discussed what Ocal called the 'greatest hits', the first of which being investing, as Arda and Paul discussed where potential investors can or should put their money based on the investor's risk profiles.  In addition to investing, the podcast spoke about how many esports organizations are currently losing money in the esports space, the 'esports bubble', what celebrity endorsements and investments mean for the space, where we sit now in the industry's lifecycle, mobile gaming, and more.

The full podcast can be listened to here.

Esports Streamer Panel Brought All-Stars To The Stage

One of the most highly anticpated and most attended sessions was titled "Streamers: Building a Community and Business in Gaming". 

The session explored the perspectives of three streamers who have dedicated years to building their communities and businesses. Led by United Talent Agency (UTA) esports agent, Hana Tjia, the panel featured Leslie “Fuslie” Fu, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, three of the most accomplished and well known streamers in esports. 

The panel aimed to help marketers understand how brands can become meaningful partners, by discussing unique attributes of the gaming community and using the speakers' experiences in the space.

RFRSH Entertainment Delivers Dynamic Keynote

Robbie Douek, CEO of RFRSH Entertainment, came across the pond from his home in the UK to talk about RFRSH’s experience in operating tournaments, running teams, creating and selling merchandise, and more.  

Robbie’s ability to speak from multiple viewpoints made for an insightful presentation, helping attendees view the space from a high level, and gain a better understanding of how different industry stakeholders work together now, and can work together in the future to further the esports space.

More Highlights From The Event


To see the full agenda and view the speakers from the 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit, and stay up to date for 2020, head to https://esports.xlivecon.com

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