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XLIVE Esports Summit 2019
Robbie Douek, RFRSH Entertainment - XLIVE Interview Series.JPG

Robbie Douek, RFRSH Entertainment - XLIVE Interview Series | 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit

Watch XLIVE's interview with Robbie Douek of RFRSH Entertainment, live from the rooftop of the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles from the 2019 XLIVE Esports Summit!

RFRSH Entertainment is a privately owned and operated esports company, representing, managing and running commercial operations for several esports teams, including the world's best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, Astralis, and the League of Legends brand, Origen.  RFRSH Entertainment has also developed, and currently owns and runs BLAST Pro Series, a global esports tournament, and a range of live, original and reality content productions. 

To learn more about the XLIVE Esports Summit, visit esports.xlivecon.com

(XLIVE) We're here live at the XLIVE Esports Summit, the rooftop of the Ace Hotel. I'm joined by Robbie Douek with RFRSH Entertainment. Robbie, please tell us a little bit about yourself, about RFRSH, and some of stuff that you're working on.

(Robbie Douek) Yes! So I'm Robbie and I'm really pleased to be here in LA at the XLIVE Esports Summit. I think it's gonna be an amazing, amazing event. One of the brands I run is the Blast Pro Series. We run a global premium Counter Strike tournament series around the world. This is our fourth stop of the yea,r. We've been in San Paolo, Miami and Madrid and we're delighted to be in LA in two weeks time. We also own and operate Astralis and Origen, two esports teams as well.

Awesome. Well thank you for being here! For those that are not here, Robbie will be keynoting on Thursday morning here at the summit. Robbie, tell us a little bit what you're looking to get out of XLIVE while you're here.

Yeah, I think it's really interesting to be here in LA, the hub, the home for entertainment, and really see how esports sort of transcends itself into the entertainment space. I want to meet some like minded people, I want to really understand what's happening in the scene here from an esports perspective, look at how the sponsorship dollars are rolling in, look at what's happening for media broadcast, and then just really have an incredible event.

Awesome. One last question, what are you playing right now? What Games are you playing?

Me? I'm all about Counter Strike. I'd love to be a better player at League [of Legends] and I just can't get there. Probably haven't got enough time haha.

Well you own a team now!

Ha yes we own a team, and Origen is doing very well. So that's good progress.

They're here this week, right?

They are here yes, exactly.

Are you going to see them?

Yeah, we'll be there as well. So there's a lot happening in this space. Actually because of everything that's happening in LA this week and XLIVE, we couldn't have chosen a better time to be here. Thank you.

Thank you!


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