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Virtual Reality Racing Hits the Track at Charlotte 600 with VRX Esports & Jeffrey Earnhardt


Are you as fast as a professional racecar driver? As the eSports market approaches a global audience of over 300 million viewers, we are seeing a convergence of online and in-car racing experiences like never before. But can an online gamer keep up with a professional racecar driver in a SIM-based experience? VRX Simulators and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Driver Jeffrey Earnhardt have partnered to find out.

Virtual reality racing hits the track at Charlotte 600 with VRX eSports & Jeffrey Earnhardt - XLIVE

Today, VRX Simulators, creator of the most advanced autonomous racing simulators and machine-driven immersive experiences, and Jeffrey Earnhardt Inc., a leader in North American Motorsports, announced a competition that challenges casual motorsports gamers and SIM racers to see if they are as fast as a professional racer.  This eSports program extends VRX’s growing SIM and racing platform presence by focusing on the racing community and further supporting eSport and Motorsport market convergence and growth. This program amplifies VRX’s eSports competitions, driver development connections, as well as SIM racing exhibition. This joint effort launches to the racing and online gaming communities across North America this summer. The first opportunity for gamers to race Jeffrey Earnhardt will be at the Charlotte 600 Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway over Memorial Day weekend.

“As the transformation from race-oriented gaming to competitive eSports continues to gain momentum, this competition connects gamers into the motorsports market even further.   Gaming and eSports viewership has already surpassed many professional sports on a viewer-by-event basis, and major brands, sponsors, teams, and drivers are waking up to new realities and opportunities to reach new audiences, including cinemas and family entertainment centers,” said Robert Stanners, CEO of VRX.   “While the eSports market is typically disconnected from real sports engagement, the VRX award-winning engineering, technology, and racing platform connect humans and machines to immersive entertainment extending to neighborhoods and communities across North America and audiences worldwide.”

A differentiating factor is that the VRX platform is provided ‘As A Service,’ and the instances are automated.   VRX’s technology can be deployed through partners, meeting demands for quality, reliability, and scale for the SIM league, partners, and stakeholders.   Sponsors and brands, desperate for engagement with the exploding eSports automotive audience, now have a robust business model to invest in to reach an expanded audience and influencers through real-time competition.

“VRX has world-class engineering, and the experience on their equipment is as close to being on a track as anything you’ve ever seen.  They’re supporting driver development and racing competition through a total connected experience,” said NASCAR driver Jeffrey Earnhardt.  “The VRX platform is going to bring entertainment, driver development, and SIM racing to a whole new level. As the VRX driver, my other sponsors are going to enjoy a reach into global e-sports participation like nothing offered anywhere in motorsports or any professional sport for that matter. This is the future, and it’s coming today at 200 mph.  I’m totally pumped.”]

“We are normalizing and standardizing SIM racing, SIMsports & eSports in an end to end, interactive and immersive experience through a system where humans, machines, and gaming intersect with experience and business systems.   Scoring, ranking, data standards, and control are central services to the platform and reinforce better organization and regulation for our segment of the eSports industry where there are typically no central authority or standards yet established,” says Robert Stanners, CEO of VRX. “The end-to-end platform provides the tools, and commercial systems critical to running this business on a global basis.  Attracting & maintaining audience and ROI is inherent so we can focus on bringing structure and organization to our partners, investors, and participants. We establish better control of driver, team and league data, allowing us to provide real-time metrics and also focus on quality and reliability as the global league rolls out. We deliver ROI and feedback capabilities to all eRacing stakeholders through a full stack of business and management systems, not currently typical in the eSports or Motorsports markets.”

VRX is bringing new opportunities to sponsors, players, drivers, manufacturers, and brands throughout the online gaming value chain.  VRX eSports and Jeffrey Earnhardt are touring to E3, Daytona, and other locations, to demonstrate where eSports meets Motorsports through unique, immersive experiences.

XLIVE - Virtual reality racing hits the track at Charlotte 600 with VRX eSports & Jeffrey Earnhardt

About VRX
VRX is a global leader building the world’s most advanced simulation systems, integrating technology and software to create fully immersive experiences and bring audiences directly into the action.   Leveraging over 20 years of engineering, development and deployment practice in the simulator space, today we are supporting gaming and eSports initiatives for participants and the global audience directly, through our partner network and live streaming solutions.


Please visit vrxesports.com or email [email protected] for more information!

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