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XLIVE Interview Series

Bryan Derbyshire, Founder & CEO of TicketGuardian Interview - XLIVE Interview Series

Watch XLIVE’s interview with Bryan Derbyshire, Founder & CEO of TicketGuardian, from the XLIVE Annual Conference & Expo, December 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

About TicketGuardian: “TicketGuardian provides a simplified way for event attendees or participants to get 100% of their money back if they cannot attend for some covered unforeseen reason. As an event, your customers get reimbursed for their non-refundable ticket price if they need to cancel due to covered illness or health, injury, job layoff, work and scheduling conflicts, weather, accidents, family emergencies, military or jury duty and more. Customers simply submit a claim from their coverage claim link received on their order confirmation and reimbursed their money back within 48 – 72 hours.”

[00:03] We’re here with Bryan Derbyshire with TicketGuardian. Bryan how are you today?

[00:06] I’m great, thank you.

[00:16] So let’s talk TicketGuardian. For anyone watching who may know what your company does, give us that overview.

[00:22] Absolutely. TicketGuardian is actually one of our core brands or verticals within our parent company. So our parent company is called Protecht. Protecht is a technology company really focused on protecting what matters, that’s kind of our motto. And so when we look at the live event space, what matters to us and what we believe matters to the end game and the fan, is the talent on stage or on the field or on the court or wherever may be, as well as the fans in the seats. TicketGuardian was the first product we brought to market. It’s a product for the end consumer, so that if you as an attendee bought a ticket and you couldn’t make it, you’d be able to file a claim, we’d give you your money back for your tickets, and you’re good to go, and then we actually give that information back to the venue to say, ‘hey, seat 1A back open again’. They can either sell it again, they can utilize it for fan engagement and move someone maybe from the 300 level down to the 100 level to give a better experience, and we’ve also partnered with great nonprofits like Vet Tix, where at the last minute, if we can’t sell the seat or move a fan around, we can actually put a veteran and their family into the stadium to really enjoy and really support them for their service. So it’s 100 percent of the refund, including all the fees, and anything else that might have been included for them, as long as they opted to choose to buy the insurance.

[01:44] And that is not really common in the live event space. So you guys are really kind of revolutionizing this.

[01:51] That’s one of the things we looked at. We looked at what consumers and fans really are used to. Like if you bought this beautiful necklace, if for whatever reason had a problem, you can take it back to Neiman’s or wherever you bought it from and get another one, because that’s how the rest of the market works. In ticketing, they put so much money up front to put on the event, it’s a nonrefundable process. So we’re basically bridging that gap and saying, ‘Hey, we get it. Life happens and you can’t make it. We got your back.’ But letting the consumer make that decision. So that’s really where we focus on the consumer side. We’re getting ready in Q1 to launch some additional B2B products for our clients and our partners, so the ticketing companies or the promoters and the venues, which gives them back real time data on what’s going on, helps them with fraud and some payment issues, trying to help with bots, etc. Again, trying to better help this experience to have the cheapest tickets for the fans to enjoy, and give the most revenue back to the people who are putting on the event.

[02:52] You guys are making moves! So how has the feedback been with the people you’re working with, and how long have you been in the live event space?

[03:05] We’ve been in the live event space now for a little over three years. Feedback’s been fantastic. Looking around here at XLIVE, we’ve got at least a dozen partners as far as platforms that are here. It’s great walking around and seeing clients and friends. And then as we continue to grow in this space, we’ve got some really exciting things coming in the next 60 days. Some big PR announcements that I think are two years in the making that we’ve been working on.

[03:28] Do we get a sneak peak here on XLIVE TV?

[03:29] If NDAs didn’t apply at XLIVE, I know it’s Vegas, but unfortunately I’ve got to follow some rules.

[03:40] It’s a good teaser!

[03:42] Exactly. We’re pretty active on social, so you can hit us up on Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see some new stuff coming out.

[03:53] Nice, what are those channels if you could share how people can get in touch with you.

[03:55] So you can get in touch with us either directly on our website which is ticketguardian.com, you can go follow us again on Instagram, @TicketGuardian, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn, and we’re out there posting and enjoying. This is built for fans by fans, so we’re out there in the market all the time, whether it be a concert or a wine and food festival, or cheering on my Broncos.

[04:18] Love it. All right guys. Thank you Bryan for joining us.

[04:28] Pleasure to meet you.

[04:29] Thank you so much.

[04:29] See you next year!

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