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XLIVE Interview Series

James Giglio, Founder & CEO of MVP Interactive - XLIVE Interview Series

Watch XLIVE’s interview with James Giglio, Founder & CEO of MVP Interactive, from the XLIVE Annual Conference & Expo, December 9-12 2018 in Las Vegas.

MVP Interactive is a consumer engagement technology company that enhances brand experiences through custom software, product design and social media. Their products integrate touchscreens, gesture technology, augmented reality, virtual reality, facial morphing, and social media platforms to give consumers unique access to their favorite brands.

[00:22] We’re here with James Giglio, you are the founder of MVP Interactive. How are you doing today?

[00:27] I’m doing great. Thanks for having me out.

[00:28] We’re happy to have you! So, MVP Interactive, you are a consumer engagement technology company. For those who don’t know what that means, that’s a bit of a mouthful, can you tell a little bit about your company?

[00:41] Sure. So we’re a full service experiential technology company, so we produce customized interactive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, full gesture gameplay, mobile apps for large brands, that generally focus on consumer engagement. So that’s why we really define ourselves as a consumer engagement company. Although yes, we develop really cool games, we don’t publish them in a traditional format like a Xbox or an esports company. So we really focus on consumer events, driven behind large brands. Generally speaking, we’ve worked in and around professional sports facilities, teams, leagues, and as well as all those sponsors and the big brands that help underwrite some of those experiences.

[01:24] All right. And how do you bring that into the live event space?

[01:27] Well, great question. So, we always like to say that our technology is really agnostic to a vertical or to a particular consumer, right? So it’s not necessarily the real estate that it’s housed in, it’s what’s the message and the brand engagement that you’re looking to convey. And so it was a very easy transition for us to pull our experiences out of a stadium and add to a live event because as you know, working in sports, there’s a lot of fan festivals, Superbowl parties, all that stuff, and so that really helped us transition into a live event. And again, marketing is marketing no matter where you are, whether it’s a retail store, if it’s an office building, if it’s a sports stadium, or a live event like a concert or something along those lines, we can really deploy any level of engagement based on location.

[02:15] Nice. And within sports, that’s a huge umbrella with so many different aspects of underneath it. What are some highlights for you from what you guys have experienced and where you guys have worked?

[02:31] So I think one of the more fascinating experiences that we’ve been a part of is to really work with a sports property, learn about what their needs are, and help bridge that message to a particular brand. For example, we’ve worked with the Washington Redskins, they’re a great client of ours and their corporate sponsor, Anheuser-Busch was really focused on creating experiences for the game day event. Right? So they wanted to transition away from just general signage or billboards or maybe just jumbo tron and messaging.  They wanted to do more interactive. We brainstormed based on their needs and it was a perfect opportunity for us to roll out all of our interactive technology capabilities, and we’ve built the very first social lounge at Fedex field. And so it was co branded through Bud Light. We had virtual field goal games, we had virtual touchdown games, we had facial photo morphing kiosks, very similar to Snapchat, we had virtual reality experiences where fans could see what it was like to be a player running out of a tunnel, and it lived in a destination in the stadium.

So what we saw, and the team had told us this after the postseason fan survey, they sent a questionnaire to their season ticket holders and that social lounge was the number one ranked destination according to their fans. And so thankfully we’ve been a part of that experience for the last four seasons. I think that was really the moment for us that, you know, we felt really proud that our idea, our vision, and our capabilities were in a setting that just made a lot of sense.

[04:05] That’s right. Seeing the fruits of your labor, seeing all that come to fruition and more importantly, that the attendees enjoyed it. It’s all about the attendee experience and that’s what you guys are focusing a lot in everything that you do.

[04:17] Exactly. And as you know, attending a sports game can be very pricey, and fans really can’t dictate the performance on the field so property owners and teams have to focus on creating this experience because not every team can benefit from being a Super Bowl winning team or winning a championship every year. And so when the value proposition is your good hard earned money to attend a game, it should be a full day experience. It’s very nice and comfortable to watch games at home these days with flat screen tvs, and fantasy sports and all of that, so it’s been nice to see the progression and the effort in the general community to focus on a full day experience. And again, that lives for live events as well and brands are starting to see the value in this stuff versus traditional forms of media like billboards or commercials or radio spots and things of that nature, so this is a great alternative trend that we’re happy to be a part of.

[05:18] Nice. I know you guys are constantly evolving and coming up with new ways to incorporate your technology into the live event space and otherwise. So maybe you could share some of your plans for the future, and what you guys are working on?

[05:32] Sure. So based on the success of that social lounge that I mentioned, we’re really looking to deploy the very first ‘in-stadium’ experiential media network. We really believe that we can provide a lot of value to a property by installing our equipment and then having this connected gaming experience across the country. So we’re on the very early stages, and hopefully this time next year I can tell you about all the properties and the teams that we’re working with. But we’re really excited about that, we have a couple of early adopters looking into the program and so I think this is going to really help scale our business, as well as continuing to have our experiences out there in the wild, so to speak.

[06:16] So 2019 is going to be a big year! For the lovely watchers of this interview, how can they get in touch with you and also who should be reaching out to you? Who are your clients? Who are the people who can benefit from what MVP Interactive has to offer?

[06:33] Sure. Well, you know, we like to say that we play well with everyone. So whether you’re an agency, whether you’re a brand direct, or a sports property, or a team, you can contact us directly via my email, [email protected] You can find this across all the general social media outlets at @MVPinteractive. Our vimeo page is a great highlight of all of our content. We like to keep that up to date more so than our website on a constant basis, so you can check out a https://vimeo.com/mvpinteractive. We really want to help you produce the best event possible and, just not sell our products. Right? That’s the end goal, but you know, we want to provide more value in just kind of showing our stuff.

[07:21] Very nice, James. Thank you so much for chatting with us.

[07:25] My pleasure.

[07:25] We’ll see you guys next time!

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