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klik1.jpg Marian Sandberg

Klik Workshop Kicks Off C2

Klik, purveyors of all things wearable event technology, hosted a customer worship the day before C2, held at the company’s offices in Montreal and aimed at addressing issues around making the most of event data.

Marian Sandbergklik6.jpg

For this year’s C2, attendees’ interactive badges allowed them to forgo business cards and exchange personal profile info with the click—um, Klik—of badges together. This year, badges were also integrated with braindate, the scheduling app that helps attendees connect by creating meetings based on like skills, interest, or just any topic of discussion. Think of it as crowd-sourced conference content on the most granular scale.

Prior to all that onsite show Kliking, the Klik team invited a focus group of customers to announce new features of its technology but also as a sort of research and networking opportunity for event professionals.

Marian Sandbergklik2.jpg

Charles Truong of Klik acted as host for the afternoon, guiding the workshop and introducing several upgrades to the company’s technology, including a new tracking tag and new hub. The new tags are now directional with distinct geofencing zones, so they’re easier to deploy. The new hub is more flexible, doesn’t require an internet hardline, and doesn’t rely on venue IT.

After wrapping some product updates, attendees were broken into groups to tackle specific issues in event technology, from communication to logistics, attendee challenges to pre-event research, setting expectations to branding, and how capturing event data is crucial to these goals.

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