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XLIVE Interview Series

Mark Miller, CEO & Chairman of TicketSocket - XLIVE Interview Series

Watch XLIVE’s interview with Mark Miller, CEO & Chairman of TicketSocket, from the XLIVE Annual Conference & Expo, December 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

About TicketSocket: “TicketSocket offers total control with none of the time & costs of creating a custom solution. We are revolutionizing the way companies use ticketing. We believe that no organization large or small will ever want “LESS CONTROL” over their Money, Data, Brand, and Functionality. Through our proprietary plug framework, white label tools, and open API’s, we are pioneering a new level of interactivity and customization for event promoters, venues, developers, and other ticketing companies.”

[00:03] We’re here with Mark Miller, CEO and Chairman of TicketSocket. Mark, how you doing today?

[00:08] Good! Hi Riesa, how are you?

[00:08] I’m wonderful! Can you tell us a little bit about TicketSocket. You guys are revolutionizing the way customers use ticketing. Can you just give us an overview for those who may not know what your company does?

[00:27] Sure. TicketSocket is really one of the only true white label ticketing and registration frameworks for organizations that would otherwise go out and try to build their own system, but without any of the upfront dollars and time that it takes to maintain it. So we really focus on empowering organizations and venues, that really want more control over all aspects of that business.

[00:47] Right. And I understand some of those aspects range from branding to customization, money, data, could you talk a little bit about that?

[00:56] Absolutely. So we have yet to meet any organization that tells us they want less control over their money, less control over their brand, less control over their data, and of course less control over their functionality. So those are really kind of the core staples of what we’ve founded the company on, and now have really manifested themselves. What we’ve seen over the last five, six years, is really organizations wanting more and more and more control. So we’re really taking advantage of that, and really empowering a lot of the organizations we work with.

[01:26] Nice. And I think that’s definitely something that sets you guys apart from the rest. That branding and customization aspect.

[01:32] Yeah, the true white label side of it is different, but now we’re kind of focusing on the other things within empowerment of these organizations. Data is such a big topic of discussion this day and age with what happened last year, and so we’re kind of focusing on helping these organizations learn how to collect data the right way, and then also control it. We’ve seen a shift in the way that companies and people market things now. As opposed to the old ways, where we had email marketing and things like that which are just not as effective as they used to be. I invite you for something, or if I share something with you, on a peer to peer basis, you’re much more likely to actually click on that and open it up.

[02:14] Speaking of peer to peer, I understand you guys have a couple exciting announcements that you would like to share. Let’s talk about Ice Cream Social, and unfortunately it doesn’t actually have to do with ice cream, but it’s still pretty cool. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?

[02:32] So Ice Cream Social is our peer to peer marketing tool, essentially. We’ve been doing it for about five years. It wasn’t originally called Ice Cream Social, and about a year ago we separated it out of TicketSocket. The main reason why we did that was that we had organizations using our ticketing platform to sell merchandise. Which was a really weird thing because we’ve never really seen them before. Why would you want to pay a ticketing fee to sell merchandise items? But we found out after speaking with a lot of these companies that the reason they wanted to do that was again, to take advantage of the social marketing tools.

[03:06] So what it really does is it takes a purchaser, or a registrant, and it amplifies them by turning them into a promoter essentially, but all hands free. So the organization doesn’t actually have to do anything, and we end up multiplying the amount of data they collect. But it’s not just data, for example, let’s look at an event. Let’s say you register for something, or want to go see a concert, or in the gaming world, we do a lot in the gaming sector, and you are more likely after that if you see an incentive that asks you, “You’re going to get a free copy of Overwatch” or some game, if you get five people to register and come with you, right?

[03:51] In that kind of gamifying the experience after the order, what you’re able to do, is we turn you into a promoter. So if you and I are friends, and you invite me, there’s a really good chance that I’m going to actually click on that, and then maybe invite other friends. So we see this snowball effect of data collection, but it’s much, much more powerful for the organizations that are collecting it, and they can use that data, and when they do market to it, it converts at a much higher ratio than a normal email blast

[04:23] I know you also have a new partnership in the works. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?

[04:27] We do. We’ve been looking for the right omnichannel partner for years. So through a mutual colleague we were introduced to Square, and Square has some new technology that’s now available to platforms like us. So we’ve recently integrated with them and now we’re offering a full omnichannel solution with all of the square stands, and all the devices with the EMV compliant solution for chip readers, and mobile solutions, all the nerdy, geeky payment stuff. But we do get it excited about it because they really do a good job of simplifying the process of onsite payments.

[05:02] That is wonderful. Good partnership and I hope that works out very well!

[05:06] Thank you so much. We hope so too and it’s already been working really well.

[05:14] So 2019 is looking good?

[05:15] Looking really good. Hopefully we just continue the the growth and the excitement that we’ve had 2018, and right into 2020, through this year.

[05:24] Nice. And how can people find out more about TicketSocket?

[05:28] You can check us out at www.ticketsocket.com, and within our website we’ve got a variety of different information and overviews and things like that. We try to simplify the product, although there’s a lot of pieces and things that we offer.

[05:44] Which is a good thing! Well thank you Mark for taking some time to chat with us today.

[05:47] Thanks so much, Riesa.

[05:49] See you guys next time!

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