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XLIVE Interview Series


Just about everything Seth Sheck does can be summed up with two words: passion and innovation. A Reno, Nevada native, Seth set his sights on the music industry in 1989.

Juggling a band management gig with waiting tables, Seth found his inspiration through a customers casual conversation about making concert passes, and soon worked his way into the credential business while managing a band. Hes never looked back.

Seth has contributed many progressive concepts to the industry throughout his career, including the introduction of die cut laminates now used around the world, digital printing on holographic foil paper and UV ink on passes. He was the first in the industry to go all digital. His impressive client roster includes the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Daytona 500, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Drake, Guns N Roses, Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and The Voice. 

Seth sat down with XLIVE for an exclusive interview to discuss the state of the live event marketplace and his companys new Mission Control event software.

Thanks so much for joining us, Seth. For those of our newsletter subscribers that arent familiar with Access Event Solutions, tell us a little bit more about the company and how youve evolved to serve the changing live event marketplace.

Appreciate you having us! Access Pass  Design rebranded to Access Event Solutions to make a strong statement of our commitment to evolve with the times. ACCESS is a live event support company that helps event organizers manage the awho can go where issue.  We provide ID credentials, such as laminates and wristbands, as well as software and devices for scanning onsite.  In this way, we can help organizers build a database of which individuals will be at the event, provide those individuals with visual IDs, and control access via RFID readers.  

We have also created our own Software Development Division with a focus on what were calling the aIntegrated Credential which means that we can design and manufacture a credential utilizing barcodes or RFID chips to work on third party systems or to work on our own proprietary Event Management System called Mission Control. 

Youve been involved in the live event business for nearly 30 years now, how has the industry evolved from when you first started out in 1989?

It really all comes down to technology. Live events have evolved to use technology like event apps and RFID for access control and cashless transactions.  Technology adds value to the event producer by reducing the time people stand in lines to get in or to buy concessions which increases the take. Technology brings value to the attendee because its fast and easy and the event apps help with scheduling and way finding.  Sadly, I also think that there is a greater threat of security concerns and so there must be more of an emphasis on access control and security.  

Tell us a little bit about your new event software Mission Control. How does Mission control differ from other event software platforms?

Mission Control is designed to integrate with other event tech companies who offer experiential marketing programs or cashless systems.  Every Integrated Credential from GA to the God Pass can be easily managed with Mission Control while still playing nicely with others. We are also building out our own wristband manufacturing capabilities so that we can offer passes, wristbands and software and become the trusted one stop shop.

The focus of Mission Control is on building the database.  Managing all of the various groups and people that need to be onsite for an event can be a daunting task.  Requests come in so many different ways, and things are often changing up to the very last minute.  With so many years in the business, ACCESS understands the problem event managers face better than any other software provider and has built a flexible, intuitive, and powerful database system.  Once the data is in the system, we can do so many things with it, like RFID access control, which can be controlled by a free app available for download, which means our clients can use devices they own, if they so choose.

Just to wrap up the interview, what do you see as the future direction of Mission Control and Access Event Solutions?

We are leveraging the trust weve built within the event community over the last 14 years and continue to innovate and evolve with modern technology bringing solutions to event producers worldwide.  We are striving to become the only provider of event passes, wristbands and software in the world so that we can manage the quality of product, turnaround times and security all under one roof.

Thanks again to Seth Sheck from Access Event Solutions for sitting down with us for this interview and please dont forget to swing by their exhibit booth when visiting XLIVE on December 5-7 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

For more information on Access Event Solutions, please check out their website at www.accesseventsolutions.com or contact Kelsey Wheeler at kelsey@accesseventsolutions.com. 

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