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XLIVE Interview Series

XLIVE Interview Series: Access Event Solutions CEO, Seth Sheck

Welcome to round two of our interview series with Access Event Solutions CEO Seth Sheck. Just about everything Seth does can be summed up with two words: passion and innovation.

A Reno, Nevada native, Seth set his sights on the music industry in 1989. Juggling a band management gig with waiting tables, Seth found his inspiration through a customers casual conversation about making concert passes, and soon worked his way into the credential business while managing a band. Hes never looked back.

Seth has contributed many progressive concepts to the industry throughout his career, including the introduction of die cut laminates now used around the world, digital printing on holographic foil paper and UV ink on passes. He was the first in the industry to go all digital. His impressive client roster includes the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Daytona 500, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Drake, Guns N Roses, Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and The Voice. 

Seth sat down with XLIVE for a new interview to discuss the state of the live event marketplace and his companys new Mission Control event software.

Its never easy to manage a live event on the backend but how is Access Event Solutions working to simplify that process?

Our Mission Control database builder consists of 4 main modules, each of which serves a specific purpose, allowing for total flexibility.  Request forms, web forms, direct input, and data import all play a part in giving event organizers control of the database build.  Combine that with quick and easy reporting and RFID capabilities and back of house operations are greatly simplified.

Mission Control was based on the needs of an event operations team first and foremost.  A music festival is a complicated event, with lots of moving parts and people.  We sought to create a system that can be used to organize the people that will be coming on-site, and their basic needs, like food.  From there, we expanded out into practical application of the database throughout the festival, like access control and asset management, and parking, all via RFID. General Admission is much less complicated than Back of House operations, in terms of software design

XLIVE conference on December 5-7 in Las Vegas, will be discussing current pressing issues in event management, and production. 

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