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XLIVE Interview Series

XLIVE Interview Series: Dennis Vigo, Choose 2 Rent

We had some time to catch up with Dennis Vigo, president & founder of Choose 2 Rent. We chatted about how emerging technologies are impacting the live event market, their newest product – Evosk and his affinity for singing Rihanna with his sister.

Tell us a little about Choose 2 Rent, your role, and some of your latest initiatives.

At Choose 2 Rent, we specialized in bringing the newest equipment for event registration, badging, session scanning and much more within reach of event production companies. Choose 2 Rent was founded more than 4 years ago when the event industry started to change from paper guest lists and pre-printing badges to on-demand electronic registration and badging. Over the years, we’ve grown with our software partners and implemented more and more features, such as session scanning and lead scanning. Our current initiatives revolve around RFID technology to continue to elevate and enhance events for our customers.

How are emerging technologies impacting how your organization serves the market?

Since its early days, Choose 2 Rent has been at the forefront of picking up emerging technologies and making these available for events. Sometimes we receive exciting requests from our software partners or clients about new technologies. We are not afraid of investing time and manpower to research these requests in order to make the technology available, not only for a single client but for all events.

What makes Choose 2 Rent so unique and how are you disrupting the live event marketplace?

It is an exciting time for the event industry. A lot of events are changing to technology-based registration and our pool of customers is getting bigger every day. However, we are detail-oriented and take our clients by the hand no matter what size event they are planning. This is especially important if it is our client’s first technology-based event registration.

Share with us a little about Choose 2 Rent’s design capabilities and product turnaround.

We have always been known for great availability. Some event planners call us a day before their event and we thrive to serve them and their needs. This year has also been a very exciting year for us since we revealed our newest and exclusive product, Evosk – a full service event check-in kiosk  – similar to the airport check-in kiosk but made for the event industry.

If you weren’t involved in the live event industry, what job or field would you attempt?

Back in Europe, I started out in the tourism industry but was handed a project from a client who planned a big event in Florida. Seeing this event come to life made me fall in love with the event industry.

What is your guilty pleasure, road trip song?

My sister and I sang along to all of Rihanna’s songs from one of her first albums. I always like to replay these songs to remember those awesome days.

If you could be any superhero/villain who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t name anyone in particular, but allow me to mention a characteristic: I have a passion for flying. So any noble-minded superhero that can fly would work for me. This way, next time I fly to a client’s event, I can be there in minutes!


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