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XLIVE Interview Series

XLIVE Interview Series: Seth Sheck, Access Event Solutions

We had the opportunity to speak with Seth Sheck, CEO of Access Event Solutions. He shared with us some of lesson learned, the unique offerings and capabilities of Access Event Solutions, and the many brands and properties they have worked with over the years.

Seth, tell us a little about Access Event Solutions and some of its latest initiatives. 

AES does graphic design and manufactures credentials for the biggest names in music, festivals, film/TV, college sports, Pro Sports, Brands and Agencies around the world.  Guns n Roses, Kendric Lamar, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, SNL, The Voice, Seth Meyers, NY Yankees, SF Giants, NE Patriots, Space X, Disney, Pandora, Tidal ( and we’ve launched our Event Credential Management software, Mission Control on 5 continents with companies like World Ventures, Kendric Lamar, EXXON, America’s Cup, Cosmo Las Vegas, and Daytona 500.

How are emerging technologies impacting how your organization serves the market?

We’ve evolved from an ink on paper company to a tech company over the last 5 years so we are the emerging technology impacting organizations in the market.  There’s no one else in our space that designs and manufactures credentials and RFID wristbands while also offering our own proprietary software solutions.  Our system also plays well with third party solutions and we’re building integrations with partners including Eventbrite, Glownet and others.

Tell us a little about your integrated credential solution and a little about MISSION CONTROL.

We coined the term Integrated Credentials to mean that we can integrate bar codes and or RFID UHF and or NFC into the laminates and wristbands we offer whether they’re intended to work with our own Mission Control or someone else’s system.  Ideally, we’d like to remain agnostic and partner with companies that need integrated credentials only to work on their system and/or to supplement their system with Mission Control while providing the credentials.  We could also offer MC to events who have had their credentials made by a competitor.  Mission Control is an easy to use system that allows event producers to manage their guest lists and credential requests with easy to use forms and then the event producer can build a personal profile behind each credential type defining the permissions and levels of access for each individual attendee, guest or staff.  Basically, who gets to go where, when, how often and if they get meals, drinks, parking etc.

What are some of the products Access Events offer for increased security?

UV printing, color coded credentials, holographic foil stamping, custom shapes and shape codes, variable data including photo’s on passes and showing photo’s on scanning devices to prevent transferability.  With our scan history event producers, law enforcement or emergency responders would know who’s accounted for or not and where they were last scanned to help locate them or establish a timeline.

Share with us a little about Access Event’s design capabilities and product turnaround.

We have award winning graphic designers who are very talented and we’re famous for our super fast turn times.  We can produce and ship most jobs in a matter of hours.  The more complex the project the more time needed to complete it.

If you weren’t involved in the live event industry, what job or field would you attempt?

I have no idea… I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have had many businesses before this one including festivals, a night club, band management and even a 900 number!

What is your guilty pleasure, road trip song?

I love to chill out with the cats at home and binge watch great tv shows with my with wife and business partner Alma and I love all kinds of music!!

If you could be any superhero/villain who would it be?

Iron Man… Stark…  He builds solutions for the world’s problems!


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