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XLIVE Interview Series

XLIVE Interview Series - Tim Bookout, Director of Sales at Event Architecture

Watch XLIVE’s interview with Tim Bookout, Director of Sales at Event Architecture, from the XLIVE Annual Conference & Expo, December 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

Event Architecture is a provider of portable, modular architectural structures that are perfect for indoor or outdoor events, trade shows, festivals and an endless array of brand activations. Our portable solutions can be fully branded, and they come in sizes to meet any need. Event Architecture is committed to both service and unsurpassed product excellence.

[00:03] We’re here with Tim Bookout, Director of Sales with Event Architecture. Tim, thanks for joining us today. How’s your time in Vegas been so far?

[00:10] It’s great. I love Las Vegas.

[00:13] Where are you based out of?

[00:13] Based out of Dallas, and this particular event, XLIVE, always brings together a lot of really creative minds so it’s a lot of fun.

[00:24] Absolutely. And we’re here with one of them right now! Let’s talk about Event Architecture. For someone who may not know what your company does, can you give us an overview of Event Architecture?

[00:31] Sure. If you’re at a major event, you’re a brand, and say you want to have something at the Super Bowl, a music festival or something like that, you typically need some sort of structure. Whether it’s a tent, a container, or an inflatable unit, we have some unique structures that we brought in from Europe. All the way from really small to large type of structures. We are a place for people to have meetings, to sell merchandise, or just to hang out and get to know a brand better

[01:02] You brought them from Europe?

[01:04] Yes, we bought millions of dollars of inventory. They were designed in Europe, so they are kind of sleek. There are really great designers in Europe, and they were manufactured there to the European standards so they’re really solid. We brought in millions of dollars in inventory to North America, so we are the branch for North America to rent these out. Typically they’re rentals or longterm leases. Our byline is fast architectures. So we go up really fast, yet we’re climate controlled so we can get people in and out of the rain or out of the heat or cold, and also insulate a little bit in terms of sound. At a music festival it’s really hard to visit, if somebody wants to come up and talk about your brand or your car brand or whatever, it is a little difficult. So you can come inside. We have the ability to shut the doors and sit down and visit with client inside, and there are lots of branding opportunities. You can see it from the outside, you could see it for a long ways away, and see that particular brand’s activation.

[02:07] And portable? They’re easy to move about, and take down and put up?

[02:11] Yeah, easy to load up. They’re very compact when you’re shipping on a truck, and then we can set up really fast.

[02:23] Nice! Do you have any exciting announcements or future plans for 2019?

[02:23] We brought these in last year, so we’re still pretty new. So now that it’s been tested and people are out talking and saying, ‘hey, it worked really well for us’, we’re really trying to be at more and more events with this year, and then probably in 2020 we’ll be talking about some new exciting product announcements.

[02:44] Exciting. So the feedback has been excellent?

[02:45] It has been excellent, yes, And it’s new. When you’re trying to get people’s attention, the fact that it’s really nice and it works well is important, but also just having anything new is important. And not only your branding, but people also say “what is that structure? I’ve never seen anything like that”. So it brings people in. Just the structure alone, being new and unique brings people in.

[03:17] Oh yeah. Aesthetically pleasing,

[03:30] Yes it’s sleek and different. People have seen tents, they’ve seen containers, they’ve seen a lot of other things. So this kind of draws them in.

[03:41] Nice. And if somebody is watching this and maybe they feel that they wouldn’t be a qualified client, thinking their event is too small, do you offer different packages?

[03:52] We do. The least expensive is $2,000. It’s fairly inexpensive to rent something and have a nice little structure for an event. And this goes all the way up to being fairly expensive for a really nice, large, structure.

[04:04] And they all come from Europe! $2,000 for a gorgeous booth from Europe. For the lovely people watching, how can they get in touch with you?

[04:12] The best way would be to go to our website, which would www.event-architecture.com

[04:19] Beautiful name, by the way.

[04:20] Thank you!

[04:21] Thank you so much for joining us, Tim!

[04:24] My pleasure.

[04:25] We’ll see you guys next time!

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