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XLIVE Interview Series
XLIVE Interview Series - Victor Martinez - PLNIFY.jpg

XLIVE Interview Series - Victor Martinez - PLNIFY

Welcome to a special edition of the XLIVE Interview Series featuring the winners of the 2018 XLIVE Startup Showcase, PLNIFY!

We sat down with PLNIFY CEO, Victor Martinez, to talk more about software.  PLNIFY is an event management software and mobile application which manages and keeps teams updated with schedules, flights, hotels, production details and logistics for upcoming events and tours.  Read the interview below!

Thanks for joining us, Victor, and congratulations on being selected as the winner of the 2018 XLIVE Startup Showcase!

First, I want to thank XLIVE for the opportunity, it was a great experience for me and my team to be surrounded by so many amazing entrepreneurs. I’d also like to say congratulations to all the other startup companies that participated in the XLIVE 2018 Startup Showcase.

2018 startup showcase winner PLNIFY.png

XLIVE 2018 Startup Showcase Winner: PLNIFY

For those who may not already know, can you give us a brief overview of PLNIFY, and talk about the problems within the live event industry you help solve?

The problem is the overwhelming task of coordinating and managing the production and logistics of an event which requires overseeing a team that may range from 5 to over 300+ crew members who are all dependent on receiving timely information while constantly being on the go. Sharing schedules, flights, hotel reservations, and all other production and logistic details in real time via email, text or printouts can create time-consuming and logistically inefficient processes and that’s why we started PLNIFY.

PLNIFY is an event management software and mobile application that allows you to manage your team and keep them updated with their schedules, flights, hotel, production and all logistics for their upcoming events and tours all in one easy to use platform.

PLNIFY distributes the information and changes in real time avoiding email saturation and chaos within the team by streamlining the process of event planning.

Can you tell us briefly about the founding of PLNIFY?

Everything started one day when I was on tour and the schedule was being pushed due to unforeseen circumstances and the way we were being notified was via email, once everyone started replying to the email thread with questions the important information got lost in the chain to the point of creating confusion. Then I said to myself there has to be a better way to share information within the team to keep everyone updated and organized more effectively and that’s how PLNIFY was born.

Who are typical clients for PLNIFY? Are there industries or types of companies for which this software fits best?

PLNIFY fits for Tour Managers, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Vendors, Event Planners, Booking Agencies, Record Labels, Festivals and for anyone that has to successfully coordinate moving a team from point A to point B.

Your team released a Beta-Demo last year. Can you talk to us a little about how that was received, and what you learned from the testing?

It was received beyond our expectations! We released it just to put the product on the map and to collect data to analyze user behavior to polish the product with market feedback and since then more than 1,600 organizations have signed up for accounts and over 5,000 events have been coordinated utilizing PLNIFY.

At this early stage, PLNIFY has successfully served as the platform to manage event logistics for major organizations such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Janet Jackson, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, Kelly Clarkson among others creating a network effect which has allowed us to stress test the platform on logistically challenging tours.

The most valuable lesson we’ve learned was creating that connection and communication channel with our users to engage with their inputs and feedback, whether it was positive or negative and transforming them into solutions that have added value to the product.

Leading a startup is hard work, and never really stops. What’s the best part of your job and what brings you the most frustration or troubles?

The best part of my job and what I enjoy the most is the creative process in all aspects from the marketing to product development but also meeting and connecting with our users. I wouldn’t say frustrating but the most challenging is balancing and multitasking everything that has to get done with a small team.

What’s next for PLNIFY? What’s on the roadmap and where will be you be hoping to take the company in 2019?

PLNIFY is preparing to release a new version and will be announcing the release date very soon. For 2019, we are planning to tap into other industries where we have found a common need.

How can people get in touch with you to learn more?

We love hearing from everyone! Feel free to write us at [email protected], visit our website at www.plnify.com or reach out to us on any of our social media platforms @plnify

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