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SXSW is back again with big names, ‘activations’ and crowds.PNG

Amazon Prime Video's 'Good Omens', Giant Spoon's 'Game of Thrones', & Culture Trip's SXSW Activations

Take a look at some of the videos from Amazon Prime Video’s Good Omens, Giant Spoon’s Game of Thrones and Culture Trip’s SXSW Activations!

For those who couldn’t attend SXSW this year, this is a great recap of how brands are using experiential marketing and immersive experiences to connect with fans on a new level, reach new fans, and build brand equity.

Giant Spoon's Game of Thrones SXSW Activation

The American Red Cross partnered with HBO and Game of Thrones for the ‘Blood for the Throne’ activation at SXSW 2019.  The activation has 2 tracks, one with a blood drive and one without, where Game of Thrones fans can make a blood donation, which takes about ten minutes.  Following the donation, there is an immersive experience where fans can walk through a character journey of different Game of Thrones characters who have ‘bled for the throne’.  The activation is in 43 states across the country, and has been introducing many non-donors to the Red Cross.  Learn more at the video below!

Amazon Prime Video's Good Omens Activation

Amazon Prime Video brought the apocalypse to SXSW to promote their show Good Omens. The immersive experience called “Good Omens’ Garden of Earthly Delights”, was designed to create a ‘party before the end of the world’.  There were 70 actors in costume on site, with actors split between ‘heavenly’ and ‘hellish’, emulating the angels and demon characters from the show.  There is a beer tap in a tree, guests can receive manicures, massages, and hair-styling, there are puppies for adoption in the Hellhound Puppy Pen, and more!

Culture Trip Activation

Culture Trip is a UK based media company, which works to tell stories about what makes places special and unique, and they came to SXSW to help gain exposure to the US market.  Culture Trip has an upcoming movie called “The Soul of Soho“, which compares the three different Soho neighborhoods in New York, London, and Hong Kong.  The activation brings fans and attendees through an immersive experience comparing the three different neighborhoods, with different cultures, but with the same name.  Learn more about Culture Trip and their SXSW Activation at the video below!


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