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Everything Experiential - Weekly Experiential News - July 23

Your experiential & immersive marketing, and brand activation news for the past week. Area15 sneak peak, TSX Broadway development in Times Square, Adidas activates in NYC, Lululemon Chicago, Comic-Con, Fujifilm announces UK experiential flagship, and more! Click through the tweets to learn more and read the full stories.

Meow Wolf shares glimpse of Area15

For those who weren't able to attend the XLIVE Annual Conference and Expo last year, the closing reception was held at Area15 in Las Vegas, before their official opening.  Area15 is an "experiential retail and entertainment complex" a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The anchor tenant will be Meow Wolf, and the space is scheduled to open later this year. Click the link above to view a video of the space.


This massive $2.5 billion building in Times Square has a plan to transform the 'most trafficked corner in the Western Hemisphere'

Construction is well underway on TSX Broadway, a massive forthcoming venue in the heart of Times Square. In addition to boasting a hotel, theater, restaurant, and an outdoor stage, the building will also feature 75,000 square feet of experiential retail space.  Orowitz, the manading director of L&L Holdings, the company beind TSX Broadway, said he envisions TSX Broadway will be a haven for technology and media brands looking to showcase new products and host events to a captive audience, using emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality


Adidas is appealing to the Instagram generation with an exclusive event where visitors had to navigate a maze and compete in a vertical jump test

Much like Macy's used the ephemeral pop-up concept when it launched Story, Adidas is now taking a cue from Instagram-friendly experiences like the Museum of Ice Cream and Rosé Mansion to sell shoes. For brands like Adidas, the power lays more so in the social content that derived from these fleeting events, and less from the actual sales generated from them.

"The idea is we can show up and provide this experience in a really important market, but also let it live and extend out to places like the Midwest and to all those people who aren't able to get to New York," Wes Petticrew, trade marketing manager at Adidas, told Business Insider.


Lululemon Chicago: What E-Commerce Pros Can Learn From their First Experiential Store

The power of sharing is remarkable and when you design a space that’s photogenic, people will be snapping pictures and sharing their experience. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing and if you can get your shoppers to do this naturally, then you’re in a good spot for future success.


What is Interactive Video?

According to studies, people retain 80 percent of what they see and do, compared to the meager retention rates of 20 percent when reading something and 10 percent when listening. So a video with which they can actively participate is a home run. The added benefit to using interactive video at a live event is the opportunity to create a shared experience. 


10 TV-Themed Activations at Comic-Con 2019

The pop culture festival of the year is underway in San Diego. Comic-Con 2019 is an opportunity for TV networks and streaming services to delight existing fans and woo new ones with immersive activations—because what’s even better than watching a show is stepping inside it.


Cadbury celebrates 99 years of the Flake with iScream activation tour

The Flake was devised in 1920 when a Cadbury employee noticed the shape and texture of waste chocolate being abandoned in the manufacturing process. It has since gone on to become one of the most iconic confectionary products in the UK.  Seana Fitzgerald, Junior Brand Manager at Cadbury, said: "We are very excited to announce the tour of this exciting I-Scream machine to celebrate 99 years of Cadbury Flake.


Fujifilm announces UK experiential flagship in London

The 7,520 sq ft permanent store will open in the winter and will encourage customers from professional photographers to hobbyists and scrapbookers to immerse themselves in photography. The store will offer different zones to allow visitors to explore its iconic range of cameras including X-Series, GFX and Instax, as well as learn about the best way to print photos.

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