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Inside the 'Taste of Priceless', Mastercard's Multi-Sensory Exibition

The 'Taste of Priceless' is a three-day, artist-led journey of identity through taste, which was held at Spring Studios in New York City, October 4-6. The XLIVE Team was onsite to attend the branded exhibition, and document their journey along the way.

Mastercard holders were invited to attend the pop-up exhibit in downtown Manhattan, and were all inspired to #StartSomethingPriceless, a supportive message with a twist from the iconic Mastercard one-world slogan, 'Priceless'.

For the exhibit, Mastercard partnered with local artists Monika Bravo, Raphaël Castoriano, Daniel Lismore, Marilyn Minter, and Jennifer Rubell, as well as the World Food Programme | School Meals to hold the fundraiser and benefit for Mastercard customers.  Attendees were invited to the 6th floor of Spring Studios and entered an experiential art exhibit.  The exhibit featured moving and ever-changing works of art with sound, smoke machines, actors, and a glimpse into two iconic fruits, the custard apple and yuzu, which are meant to represent 'Passion' and 'Optimism' respectively, which was the theme of the exhibition.

Upon the conclusion of the exhibit, attendees were invited to the lounge to enjoy refreshments, freshly made Macaroons, beautiful views of Tribeca, and take photos with their friends and with more Macaroons at the Mastercard photo booth.  Custard apple and yuzu were also the flavors of the fresh baked French Macaroons.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing together such passionate and talented artists to celebrate the introductory taste of Priceless,” said Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer, Mastercard. “Exploring the boundaries of our own brand identity has been a remarkable and energizing effort - sometimes it’s what you don’t expect that matters most.”

This is another example of a major brand moving beyond their core products or services.  Brand activations don't need to highlight a company's core products or services to be successful.  Oftentimes, the most memorable activations do not do so.  Mastercard aligned the message and call-to-action of the activation, with their slogan, and by partnering with a charitable organization, fully rounded out the theme of the exhibit.

The exhibit comes on the heels of Masterard's 2019 logo change, which removed their name and left only the iconic symbol of two overlapping red and yellow dots.  Following the logo change, Mastercard further progressed with their new culinary strategy by opening PRICELESS restaurant in New York City, using an immersive restaurants-in-residence model.

Click through the photos to see the experience!

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