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Sponsorship Activations Making Brands Stand Out

It wasnt all that long ago that sponsorship activation at events consisted of simply having a brands logo on stages, banners, and merch tents.

Now that experiential marketing is no longer just a buzzword, weve reached the point where event organizers expect that their sponsors will create activations that enhance the entire live event experience for their attendees.

With tens of millions of fans prioritizing live events, its no surprise advertisers are looking for ways to capitalize on the music festival industries popularity. Sponsorship spending on music in 2015 topped $1.4 billion at an increase of 4.8% over the year prior. This past year at Coachella, Heineken created a dome arena that featured cold storage for cases of beer that were tracked using a fingerprint scan, with engaging visuals by V squared labs. Anheuser - Busch, according to IEG, is currently the most active sponsor of music across all tracked categories with its brand representing 29% of the market among music properties with alcoholic beverage sponsors. VP of Budweiser Ricardo Marques spoke on the importance and development of sponsor involvement as aNo longer being about the signage or the size of the logo on a poster or a ticket or a stage. Its about what people talk about and the experience they take away and talk about later and remember the post online.

Research shows that brand presence is highly welcomed in the music festival arena by attendees, creating a natural progression in the demand for festival organizers and sponsors to become more innovative. AEG and Momentum Worldwide conducted a study that illustrated large support from festival attendees with 93% of respondents stating they prefer brands that sponsor live events, and a whopping 80% admitting they connect more with brands through a branded music event. The main challenge most festival organizers are now facing is how to effectively cultivate a unique experience that feels memorable to consumers, while simultaneously perpetuating increased value to the integrated brands. Ultimately, the goal for both parties is to extend sponsorships long after the music stops playing.

Our expert panel, Noticing You, Noticing Me, will explain how brands can devise and implement activation strategies that build positive relationships with attendees before, during and after an event takes place

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