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1 - Echosmith Live from the Artists Den at Brookfield Place (Credit - Kevin Condon_Shutterstock for Artists Den).jpg

Echosmith Kicked-Off Season 14 of 'Live From the Artists Den'

Echosmith Performed Live on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Waterfront Plaza at Brookfield Place in New York City for Future Broadcast on American Public Television, and kicking off season 14 of 'Live From the Artists Den'.

Artists Den, known for intimate and taped performances, debuted Season 14 at Brookfield Place in New York City with a live and recorded performance of Echosmith, which played music from their new album, Lonely Generation, as well as previous hits.

What separates Artists Den concerts from other live performances, aside from the live recording, is the intimate concert experiences in non-traditional venues.  This provides for a completely unique performance for attendees, and provides the viewers at home with a unique perspective on some of their favorite artists.

2 - Echosmith Live from the Artists Den at Brookfield Place (Joe Papeo_Shutterstock for Artists Den).jpg

The Echosmith live recording was held at Brookfield Place in New York City, near the World Trade Center buildings and the financial district of busy Manhattan.  Brookfield Place, on a normal day, is a beautiful indoor shopping district, with high end retail and restaurants right near the Hudson River.  The temporary stage for which Echosmith performed had a backdrop of the gorgeous glass enclosure at Brookfield Place with the top of the Freedom Tower towering above, while the band looked over the 500+ fans in attendance, and across the Hudson River to the lights New Jersey, specifically Jersey City.

Fans were able to apply to be selected as an attendee of the performance, with the location revealed the day of the event.  The random selection process created the feeling for attendees that they are a part of something special.  Similarly, the mystique of not knowing where the performance would be held built anticipation for attendees.  Furthermore, since this venue and stage was built only for the Artists Den experience, fans were caught completely by surprise when they arrived.

Watch the trailer for the Echosmith performance:

Other Artists Den performances in New York City this year have included Charli XCX, Shawn Mendes, James Bay, Vance Joy, and more. In Artists Den fashion, these events were held at non-traditional venues, specially constructed for these live and recorded artistic performances.  

More than ever, today's fans and concert goers are craving unique experiences, and to be a part of something special.  Similarly, being able to see acts like Echosmith or Shawn Mendes in a close and personal setting helps attendees connect further with their favorite musicians.  Artists Den has created a brand in which people associate unique, exclusive, intimate experiences with.  As there becomes more demand for these experiences, we can expect the Artists Den performances to be sought after for following seasons.

To learn more about Artists Den, and to apply for tickets to future performances, visit:  https://artistsden.com


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