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The Festival File - Weekly Festival News

Your festival news for the past week. Click through the tweets to learn more and read the full stories.

‘Super Mega Ultra Giant Mad Decent Block Party Festival’ At Gillette Stadium Canceled

With a name like this, how could they live up to the expectations?  Jokes aside, festival cancellations are plaguing the quickly growing and constantly experimenting festival industry.  With refunds coming in 7-10 for ticket buyers, we hope the cancellation goes smoothly.  This is another example of how marketing can at times out-pace production in the festival industry.


Blackpool's Livewire festival cancelled due to 'investor issues'

Festivals are not cheap.  And just like other business ventures, a thoughtful business plan detailing where money will come from and where it will go is necessary.  A Blackpool council spokesman said: “It is disappointing that due to circumstances beyond our control, Livewire will not be taking place this year. “We are exploring whether there are other events we can bring in to fill the gap, but visitors to Blackpool can rest assured that the summer and autumn of 2019 will see a fantastic programme of shows and events, many of them free to access.”


An Underwater Music Festival?

The event, which is half philanthropic and have full-on experiential, is one of the most unique we've come accross.  In addition to electric guitars, attendees can take photos of them playing ‘bass-oons’ and ‘trombonefish’ underwater, all while bringing awareness to coral reef conservation.  “The preservation of the reef is our main purpose,” Turner says. “[To avoid any further damage], the festival takes place in a nearby sandy area so that the musicians don’t disturb the coral when they’re performing.”


Woodstock 50:  Where are we now?

"Will the Town of Vernon allow peace, love & music to prevail so we can celebrate Woodstock50 with you?" the festival wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday.  We've seen the back and fourth with Woodstock 50, from cancelled, to taking place, cancelled again, and more.  So where are we now?  Who knows, but it's not looking good.  30 days away, no venue, and a bunch of headlines sharing the festival's uncertain future, it's looking less and less likely we'll see the Woodstock 50 which the organizors originally envisioned.


A Music Festival in Saudi Arabia?  Enter 'Jeddah World Fest'

In an effort to reduce to country's dependence on oil, Saudi Arabia is diversifying their econimic focuses, as part of Vision 2030.  Last year, a 35 year old ban on movie theaters was ended, and Mariah Carey held her own concert in Saudi Arabia. As the Persian Empire slowly but surely ends some of it's conservative restrictions, look for more types of entertainment to come to Saudi Arabia.


Food Lovers in New York City, Rejoice!

Tickets are now on sale for the New York Times Food Festival, which will be held October 5th & 6th at Bryant Park in Manhattan.  As events and festivals strive to diversify, this culinary fest is bringing more than just food to the table. In addition to to the diverse and unique cuisine which New York City is known for, festival attendees will be able to listen to panel discussions from New York Times journalists, which will feature tastings, demonstrations, book signings, and more.  Tickets to the panel discussions mentioned above can be purchased here


Manchester International Festival 2019

For 18 days in July, event attendees will be able to enter multiple artistic and experiential venues around the city of Manchester, to watch music performance, listen to panel discussions focused on technology, art, performance, and more, as well as attend workshops and exhibits. Similar to the impact SXSW makes on the City of Austin, Manchester is transformed for MIF.  Can't make it this year?  BBC hosts a live feed to listen in on the experience. 


Glastonbury Festival Makes Environmental Improvement at This Year's Festival

Cleaning up major festivals is no small feet.  Glastonbury took over 6 weeks to clean up the festival grounds in 2017, when poor weather made the process even more time consuming and costly than normal.  The 2016 cleanup process was estimated to have cost £780,000.  With a 'no single use plastic' policy in place in 2019, the event limited the trash, and saved money on cleanup, going to show that being environmentally conscious can save money, and the planet, at the same time.

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