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KABOO Del Mar, EventBrite, and The Why Co shed light on the most loyal fans

With any industry, knowing and understanding your target audience is a key factor in its creative/logistical operations and overall success. This rings especially true for festivals, with some thirty-two million people attending at least one U.S. music festival every year. Regardless of the growth in attendance, and high demand for the live events,  there is still a large unpredictability factor surrounding the industry.

New research has outlined that there is a specific festival attendee, responsible for driving more overall revenue and growth to the festival scene. According to insights and data gathered by our friends at EventBrite, we can classify the festival audience into three groups, Hardcore festies, making up only 20% of festival goers, Moderate Festies at 50%, and the Casual Festie as the remaining 30%. Hardcore festies attend on average six to seven festivals per year, spending 78% more on standard festival tickets than those in the causal category. These hardcore festies dominate the ranks in overall spending, social engagement, and influence, carrying a lot of disproportionate weight comparable to the latter groups. Hardcore festies only make up one-fifth of festival attendees, but account for half of the total annual spend on festival tickets. These well-seasoned attendees are willing to travel the distance, pay top dollar, know what they like, and the industry is listening. 

The easiest way to ensure that attendees make return visits to your festival is to understand who they are and how their interests align with the event. This year at XLIVE, well present exclusive new data straight from the mouth of festival fans on why they attend, how much they spend, what drives their loyalty, and which aspects of the festival experience matter most to them. The session will feature a panel of industry experts discussing top trends from the past year and how festival organizers can better target and serve high-value fans in 2017 to make this upcoming year even more successful. 

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