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Mondo.NYC Founder Bobby Haber on What Sets His New Festival Apart

Bobby Haber stopped by Billboard to discuss the official launch of the Inaugural Mondo, NYC Festival, and what makes this five-day music industry conference and indie artist showcase different.

Check out the interview below:

Why did you want to create Mondo in the first place?

BH: For myself and my partner Joanne Abbot Green, it's really the event we've always wanted to do. One which truly focuses on New York as the world capital of music, which we're very bullish on; one which integrated music, technology, content and media under one roof; one which really attracted a global audience of artists, and music business executives and really, broadly, music genre-wise. It's the event that we always wanted to build, and it's also something that's really exciting to build as a startup. I've been at this for a good chunk of years, and I've really been channeling everything I've learned over those years from the ground up. The nicest thing is building a new staff, of course. Joanne has been the master of production for all these years; I'm more involved in strategy; our founding partner Gary Fortune has really invented global marketing music as a cultural export, and our team is really excellent. So just from a business and personal, professional perspective, it was what we always wanted to do.

What will set Mondo apart from other industry conventions?

BH: From my perspective, an event like Mondo does not exist. At least in the United States, and certainly in New York, where we've got C-Suite executives from record companies, from major streaming companies, from publishing companies and PROs, to sitting U.S. Congressmen, but together with indie artists and managers and app developers and really, again, under one roof, and especially when that roof is NYU, which is to me one of the most important institutions of learning, not just here in New York, but really NYU identifies what a global institution is in 2016. So I think there are a lot of aspects of Mondo that don't exist in the nation, and don't exist in New York.

What are those aspects more specifically?

BH:It's more in the area of convergence, of where technology and innovation meet music. There are a lot of events that focus on a lot of the broad aspects of startup technology, and I think where we come in is, when you look at pop culture, communications, media, obviously social communications, for the most part where they overlap is in music and media.

What were some of the challenges you faced pulling this together?

BH: You know, it really is interesting. Some people would argue we almost took too long to set the foundation up. But we really felt that before we came out of the box we wanted to be able to identify partners like the RIAA, like the Music Business Association, like A2IM, IDG.TV. And I think getting those elements together, getting the right staff together and making sure we had the right team, we didn't actually announce Mondo until June 2. And at that point we were 90 days out. If I had to do it over again I probably would have started a year earlier, but we probably started Mondo about July 2015, and even with that amount of time, frankly it wasn't enough.

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