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XLIVE Interview Series

Stephanie Selesnick, US Representative of SNIEC Interview - XLIVE Interview Series

Watch XLIVE’s interview with Stephanie Selesnick, US Representative of SNIEC, from the XLIVE Annual Conference & Expo, December 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

The SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre) is an exhibition center in Pudong, Shanghai.  It hosts many expos, including CES Asia and the Shanghai Motor Show, and is the only Western owned and run venue in China.

[00:01] We’re here with Stephanie Selesnick with SNIEC, the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center.

[00:17] Thanks for having me!

[00:31] Can you tell us about SNIEC?

[00:32] We are a venue located in Shanghai, which is the third largest city in the world. For everybody that doesn’t know, 24.5 million people. We are a 17 year old venue, two million square feet or 200,000 square meters approximately across 17 buildings on the campus. We have 1 Million Square feet or 100,000 meters inside. It’s run by three German Messes who are the fairgrounds, a local Chinese developer, and we’re the only venue in China, the western own and run.

[01:01] That’s special! And it’s been that that way for 17 years?

[01:06] Seventeen years since the building was built. It was built with the express purpose of running trade shows and events.

[01:12] So how does being western run play into what makes you guys different?

[01:20] Well, people speak English, and what we offer is a lot of experience and excellence. We’re always retraining the team, the staff and everyone who works there, and we’re a very safe venue. We’re located in the middle of the new part of Shanghai, the area is called Pudong. We’re about a 25 minute ride from the airport and we’ve got everything anybody could need in terms of infrastructure, in the middle of the third largest city in the world. So what we offer is experience, excellence, and English.

[02:02] I love that. The three E’s!

[02:04] Yes! We’re also home to CES Asia and IAAPA, which is the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions. They’re out of Orlando now. They actually moved from Washington DC to Orlando, but we’re on their three year rotation. They go around Asia and Southeast Asia, so we’re on the permanent rotation for China. We understand how Westerners do business. The thing is, shows are different. Wherever you do events and festivals, you have to go with how things are done there. You can’t expect them to know how we do things because we may not be the most efficient, or we may be more efficient. It’s all cultural.

[02:50] So Shanghai is the third largest city, in the world. I think it’s safe to say there’s cool things going on there. There’s probably some things to do…

[03:02] Yes you have phenomenal shopping, food, and it’s probably the most western city in all of China. Think about it as being like the New York of China, and Beijing like the Washington DC. We’re much more the New York vibe. There’s incredible public transportation that’s cheap and plentiful, there’re taxis, and there’s also something called Didi which is like Uber, so it’s really easy to get around. There is traffic when you have that many people, but it’s a delightful city to come to, and we get the numbers. Some of the shows that we run will have a quarter million people. We have a number of Informa shows that are being held there, formally UBM, and so some of the shows do you take up the entire venue.

[03:54] I have to ask as someone who works pretty heavily in the meetings and events space, aren’t you fascinated by the number of different conferences in which people meet?

[04:07] There’s a conference for everything, right? And there’s a trade show for everything. So basically what I do as the US rep for Shanghai, is we’re trying to bring in more US shows, and people that want to go take advantage of being in Asia and being in China specifically. We’re also looking to bring in some esports and some festivals. We have such a huge space it’s not like you’re going to be camping in the middle of the city, but for ‘high ticket’, there is a developed middle class. It’s a really great place to launch an event.

[04:57] Great. So some live events should be coming out there, right?

[05:00] Oh we have plenty, but there’s always more. And with the explosive growth of esports in China, it’s huge. You can’t even imagine. And the same thing with festivals. It’s very difficult in a large city to find a place that can hold a large festival. So we do look at it in terms of, we are very flexible.

[05:22] So for our viewers who are interested in SNIEC and learning more, where can they go to find out more information?

[05:34] You can go to SNIEC.net, and you can also take a virtual tour of the venue if you want to. It’s pretty cool. I suggest you do because it’s a lot easier than walking the whole thing because that’ll take a while. If you are interested, take a look and contact us. We’d love to have you come out and take a look at the venue, and bring your shows and your events and your festivals with you.

[05:56] All right, you guys heard it here! Thank you, Stephanie for speaking with us.

[06:00] Thanks so much.

[06:00] All right, we’ll see you guys next time!

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