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Top Execs Hitting XLIVE Data and Analytics Summit

Adult Swim, Viacom, DAYGLO Ventures, UTA IQ, & National Lacrosse League Among Top Execs Hitting XLIVE Data and Analytics Summit

Los Angeles—The inimitable live event, entertainment, esports and sports conference, XLIVE kicks off spring with their critically acclaimed 2018 Data & Analytics Summit, a precursor to the main conference slated for December in Las Vegas. Taking place April 3 – 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, the Data & Analytics Summit will convene live event producers, sports executives, festival leaders, entertainment representatives, and expert data and analytics executives. In addition to the impressive roster of speakers and attendees, brands will be hosting their own corporate events and festivals under one roof to educate attendees on the latest technologies emerging at the forefront of event production.

In a data-driven world, live event and festival production teams are striving to attain a technological edge over their competitor without sacrificing unique and organic experiences for their attendees and also without stepping on each other’s toes. XLIVE’s Data & Analytics Summit will bring these worlds together at the nexus of experience and technology. Presiding over the Summit to discuss how to remain ahead of an ever-changing industry is an impressive roster of speakers from some of the most influential companies across the globe. Esteemed leaders in the fields of data, entertainment, technology, event production, festivals and more will participate in a wealth of panels exploring key topics on-stage such as the following:

  • Sponsorship Analytics—This session of industry professionals will help to decipher the numbers and discuss how analytics can help to measure the effectiveness of a sponsorship in order to create more valuable partnerships in the future partnerships in the future. Panelists include Drone Racing League CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski; Toronto International Film Festival director of marketing Rachel Noonan and Canadian Olympic Committee director of digital Georgia Sapounas.
  • Digitization of the Live Event Experience—In this exploratory session led by an expert panel, we’ll dive head first into the waters of live event digitization and all the options available to take your event to the next level. Panelists include Fan Controlled Football League CEO Sohrob Farudi; Float Hybrid VP Marketing and strategic partnerships Keith Bendes; Pop Montreal marketing director Stephanie Laichi and LA Clippers director of strategic partnerships Erin Prober.
  • The Ultimate Fan Engagement: Utilizing Data to Enhance the Fan Experience—In this informative session we will explore all the options available to truly bring the fan an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Panelists include Center For Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports director Jay Tucker; Adult Swim VP of digital insights and research Michael Parnes and San Francisco 49ers VP of new ventures Sean Kundu.


Over $1.1billion was invested in event technology in 2016, a direct reflection of how digital transformation in the live event sector is growing at unprecedented levels. As digitization of the live event experience continues to expand, XLIVE offers event organizers the opportunity to learn to harness the power of their data to more effectively engage attendees, understand customer behavior, increase revenue, analyze competition, identify talent trends, monetize assets, and enhance sponsorship activation.

With plans for XLIVE 2018 to return to Las Vegas this December 9th – 12th, multifaceted organization XLIVE will continue to revolutionize the way live event and festival organizations share expertise, learn, and most paramount, envision the future of the industry. XLIVE convenes with leading experts at the intersection of music, film, culinary, beverage, eSports, technology and the experiences that culminate at festivals and live events. Reflecting the passion of the vibrant festival community, XLIVE serves as a catalyst for curating unique, memorable and life-changing experiences within the growing, dynamic and influential realm of festivals. XLIVE opens 2018 with its Data and Analytics Summit this April 3rd – 4th, 2018.

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Sponsors for the Data & Analytics Summit

Pixmob (Supporting Sponsor) – Thuzi (Presenting Sponsor) – Eventbrite (Presenting Sponsor)

Freeman (Premier Sponsor) – MS Events (Presenting Sponsor)


Partners for the Data & Analytics Summit

Amplify Media (Creative Partner) – Canadian Music Week (Creative Partner)

The Confluence (Creative Partner) – EDMbiz (Creative Partner) – Event Safety Alliance  (Creative Partner)

Everfest (Creative Partner) – HardPin (Creative Partner) – Music Business Association (Creative Partner)

Music Festival Wizard (Creative Partner) – Naruscope (Creative Partner)

The SF MusicTech Summit (Creative Partner)

Group Y (Creative Partner)


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