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Woodstock 50 is Cancelled

Woodstock 50, scheduled August 16-18, is finally, officially, cancelled. After months of setbacks, changes, and drama, the Woodstock community will have to wait for the reunion festival.

For those who haven't been following the Woodstock 50 saga over the past few months, the festival has gone from cancelled, to back on more times than we can count. It all started when the event's primary investor, The Aegis Dentsu Network, announced that they were going to withdraw their funding of the event and that the festival was subsequently canceled. That very same week one of the festival promoters, Michael Lang, a co-founder of the original Woodstock, said that they are a primary investor, but they don’t have the authority to cancel the event and that it was still on. 

Since then we've seen legal battles, permit problems, and most recently saw the festival move from upstate New York, to Columbia Maryland.  This location change was within 1 month of the festival's original start date, and this was also before tickets were event on sale.  This venue change seemed too little too late for many, and it seems Lang came to that conclusion as well on Wednesday afternoon, announcing the festival was officially cancelled.

Lang also said that most of the performers had already been paid for what would have been the 50th reunion of the famous Woodstock Festival.  On a positive note, Lang encouraged the artists who had been paid, including Jay Z, Chance the Rapper, John Fogerty, and Carlos Santana to name a few, to donate the money they received to voter registration organization, HeadCount, "or causes of their choice in the spirit of peace", NPR reported.

While festival cancellations are never enjoyable to anyone involved, we appreciate Lang stepping up and making the announcement, avoiding a potential 'fyre drill', pun intended.

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