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Augmented Reality for a Music Festival

Raketamedia has just delieverd an AR case for a "New Wave" Music Festival in Sochi, Russia. Augmented Reality visuals were added live during broadcasting of 5 performances of the TV show.

Augmented Reality (AR) for New Wave Music Festival in Sochi, Russia by Raketamedia from Raketamedia on Vimeo.

This technology allowed to change architectural appearance of the hall the show was held in. The challenge was to add some nonexistent elements such as animated cartoon characters, ruins, destroyed dome, flying eagle, golden columns, fluttering fabrics, distorted buildings hanging above audience. The eagle flew inside the hall from the dome, and flew out through a crack in a side wall. The live camera had to follow it all the way it flew so this task was done by a Television Director of the show. Giant red fluttering fabrics had to form a stylised golden greek forum and pass away to the sides to open black space with rays directed to the performer on stage, that was also a challenge for the shooting crew at a particluar moment of the show. Most of AR effects were done in accordance with the timecode, not just hanging in space fo the hall.

Technically there were some servers with GPUs taking tracking data from cameras, rendering using graphic engine and feeding signal to broadcast it live. There were 2 cameras — one on a tripod and a spydercam, each had its own tracking system.

This case allowed to push the boundaries of Augmented Reality usage at live music shows when it's the most important to enrich the performance of an artist on stage not just add something not existing in reality but to follow the music track and the idea of the performing song and make it more emotiional and touching for the tv viewers.



Art Director — Anton Sakara

Producer — Dasha Statsenko, Ksenia Oleynikova, Tatiana Gorbunova

Coordinator — Ksenia Kornakova

Designers — Maxim Sviridov, Eric Irish, Artemy Perevertin, Andrey Teryaev, Peter Beketov

Artists — Ilya Dyomkin, Masha Shishova, Sergey Nesterenko, Natalia Naumova,

Previsualisation — Alexander Sokolov

AR control — Peter Akimochkin

AR designer — Andrei Tokarev

AR Producer — Peter Pavlyuk

Video content operator — Alexander Ryabinin

Technical Director — Alexei Zhazhelo

TV Director — Artem Shadrov

Production — Raketamedia


2019 ARS-Performance Ltd


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