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Reigning Champs Launches Experiential Events, Partners With NFL FLAG

Reigning Champs, the market leader in youth-sports experiences and path-to-college solutions, today announced the addition of Reigning Champs Experiences to its portfolio of businesses. In addition, Reigning Champs has been named the official operating partner of NFL FLAG by the National Football League.

RC Experiences will serve as the events production arm of Reigning Champs, partnering with leagues and sports-centric brands to engage youth athletes, families and fans in new, innovative and experiential ways.

"This opportunity grew organically out of the expansion of our path-to-college business," says Reigning Champs CEO, Luke Zaientz. "Izell Reese and his team have been producing some of the top youth sports events for years and our partners in these events have been asking us for more."

In addition to becoming the official operating partner of NFL FLAG, RC Experiences will assume existing Reigning Champs event partnerships including premier youth sports events like Rivals Camps Series, Jr. NBA Global Championships and the adidas Volleyball Experience. Current Reigning Champs Executive, Izell Reese, has been named President and GM of RC Experiences.

"We believe sports have the power to transform lives," said Izell Reese, Reigning Champs Experiences' President and General Manager. "Reigning Champs has long been committed to the accessibility of sports for all athletes regardless of age, socioeconomic background, gender or race. We look forward to evolving NFL FLAG into an event property that brings that vision to life, while growing participation throughout the country."

RC Experiences will oversee NFL FLAG leagues and tournament play beginning with the operation of the NFL FLAG Championships in January of 2020. Special emphasis will be placed on providing support to local leagues and participant growth, specifically among girls.

Flag football is a growing sport with regular participation of more than 3 million youth and adults. NFL FLAG is an NFL licensed property of more than 1,600 locally operated leagues and over 500,000 youth athletes across all 50 states. A fun and accessible non-contact program, NFL FLAG is available for girls and boys ages 5-17.

"One of our primary goals at the NFL is to continue to evolve and grow the game of football," said Roman Oben, NFL Vice President of Youth and High School Football Strategy. "RC Experiences will play a vital role in providing the premier flag football experience, while growing NFL FLAG participation across the country. We want to thank USA Football for their work and our continued efforts to strengthen the game."   

USA Football, which has operated and managed NFL FLAG since 2011, will continue to provide NFL FLAG with the leading standards and best practices to advance coach and player development through its Football Development Model and body of work as the sport's National Governing Body.

Reigning Champs is committed to growing youth sports participation and creating a path to college for all students. In 2018, Reigning Champs' brands donated $23 million in services to deserving student-athletes and families. Each year, Reigning Champs' innovative platform supports over 2 million athletes across 34 different sports.

To learn more about Reigning Champs, visit www.reigningchamps.com. For more information and the latest news about NFL FLAG powered by RC Experiences, visit www.NFLFLAG2020.com

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