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XLIVE Convenes Esports Titans to Explore The Fastest Growing Sector in Live Events

Resident authorities on the live event and festival space for the last 14 years, XLIVE, sets its sights on the Big Apple this August 22-24, 2017 for the inaugural XLIVE Esports Summit

Resident authorities on the live event and festival space for the last 14 years, XLIVE, sets its sights on the Big Apple this August 22-24, 2017 for the inaugural XLIVE Esports Summit, a senior-level forum that will converge Esports industry stakeholders, endemic and non-endemic brands, traditional professional sports franchises to discuss the impact Esports will have on the future of sporting and entertainment industries. Assembling Esports team owners/players, venue operators, tournament organizers, broadcasters, sponsors, agencies, legal experts, consultants, product developers, and venture capitalists for a meeting of the minds set within an intimate networking event.

Boasting an impeccable reputation for consistently bringing together top “live event” executives in an environment that is both inclusive and thriving with an abundance of knowledge, XLIVE will feature a swell of influential Esports speakers, primed to delve into the industry’s burgeoning economic growth — set to eclipse over $1 billion in total value by 2019.  Remarkable speakers will contribute a wealth of knowledge to the summit panels that includes execs from leading brands and companies such as the Vision Venture Partners Founding Partner Rick Fox, Vice President and General Manager of Turner Sports ELEAGUE Christina Alejandre, Turtle Entertainment CEO Craig Levine, and FaceBook’s Head of Esports Patrick Chapman — Full list of speakers for the debut Esports Summit below!

Acquiring valuable insight into the booming world of Esports, attendees of the summit will also be granted access to several hundred Esports industry executives as they identify business opportunities and barriers facing the industry today. Important facets of the Esports industry examined throughout the panels include:

  • –“Money Talks” – How VC’s, management firms and professional sports are evaluating the investment market for Esports: Akshay Khanna VP of Strategy – Philadephia 76ERS, Todd Merry Chief Marketing Officer, Delaware North, and Steven Wave Managing Director of Woodside Capital Partners
  • –“Game On” – Why professional sports teams are getting involved in the Esports industry: Akshay Khanna VP of Strategy – Philadephia 76ERS, Pedro Honorio Da Silva Co-Founder & Executive director, Quatti Esports Agency, Colin Johnson Head of FIFA, As Roma, Avi Bhuiya EVP Esports, Catalyst Sports & Media, and John Pierce Partner, Player 2 Studios
  • –“Joining Forces“- The importance of players unions and governing bodies for the future of the Esports industry: Ken Hershman Commissioner, World Esports Association, Ryan Morrison Co-Founder & CEO, Evolved Talent Agency, and Sam Cooke Editor, Esports Insider
  • –“From Live Steam to Big Screen” – Analyzing the big business of Esports broadcasting: Patrick Chapman Head of Esports, Facebook, Ari Evans CEO, Maestro, Ban Chiu Partner, Player 2 Studios
  • –“The Future is Female” – How women are playing a crucial role in the growth of Esports: Saira Mueller Managing Editor, Dot Esports
  • –“Connecting Brands With Fans” – The maturation of sponsorship activation in the fast moving world of Esports: Nate Eckman Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Ultimate Media Ventures, Manny Anekal Founder & CEO, TNL Media & Versus Sports, Mike Tubman Sports & Competition Manager, Buffalo WIld Wings, Neil Duffy VP College Network & Business Development, Worldgaming, Nathan Lindberg Director-Global Esports Sponsorship, Twitch, and Alex Kerr Director- Strategy & Research, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
  • –“Staying Socially Conscious” – Creating next level Esports fan engagement strategies through social media: Robby Ringnalda CEO, Denial Esports, Brandon Martin Staff Writer- Esports, Rotowire, and Shashi Singh Co-Founder, Meta Consulting


For the full XLIVE Esports Summit 2017 Agenda check out the happenings here and join the expanding industry of Esports or broaden your current knowledge base by registering for the 2017 XLIVE Esports summit. Keep in the loop on future XLIVE events by signing up for the XLIVE newsletter and stay tuned for more info on XLIVE’s highly anticipated annual industry conference in Las Vegas December 10-13, 2017.



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About XLIVE:
With plans for XLIVE 2017 to return to Las Vegas December 10-13, 2017, multi-faceted organization XLIVE will continue to revolutionize the way live event and festival organizations share expertise, learn, and most paramount, envision the future of the industry. XLIVE convenes with leading experts at the intersection of music, film, culinary, beverage, Esports, technology and the experiences that culminate at festivals and live events. Reflecting the passion of the vibrant festival community, XLIVE serves as a catalyst for curating unique, memorable and life-changing experiences within the growing, dynamic and influential world of festivals. Following a successful Data & Analytics Summit in Los Angeles early this spring, XLIVE continues into 2017 with its Esports Summit in New York City this August 22-24.

XLIVE 2017: Esports Summit – Featured Speakers :
Turner Sports Vice Presidents & General Manager Christina Alejandre | ESL/Turtle Entertainment CEO Craig Levine | FaceBook’s Head of Esports Patrick Chapman | Philadelphia 76ers Vice President of Strategy Akshay Khanna | Barclays Center Vice President of Programming Keith Sheldon | Buffalo Wild WIngs Sports & Competition Manager Mike Tubman | TNL Media & Versus Sports Founder & CEO Manny Anekal | Ultimate Media Ventures Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer Nate Eckhman | Denial Esports CEO Robby Ringnalda| Events DC Chairman-Board of Directors Max Brown | Evolved Talent Agency Co-Founder & CEO Ryan Morrison| Dot Esports Managing Editor Saira Mueller | Tempo Storm Founder Andrey Yanyuk | Delaware North Chief Marketing Officer Todd Merry | Twitch Director-Global Esports Sponsorship Nathan Lindberg | Denial Esports CEO Robby Ringnalda | Esports Evangelist Andy Swanson | Evolved Talent Agency Co-Founder & CEO Ryan Morrison | Events DC Chairman-Board of Directors Max Brown | Player 2 Player Studios Partner John Pierce | Tempo Storm Chief Business Development Officer Robert Del Papa | Populous Principal Brian Mirakian | Monumental Sports & Entertainment Director- Strategy & Research Alex Kerr | Catalyst Sports & Media EVP Avi Bhuiyan | Attaq Online President Alan Hubbard | Cineplex Events Director- Gaming & Esports Matt Devuono | Qwatti Esports Agency Co-founders & Executive Director Pedro Honorio Da Silva | WorldGaming Vp COllege Network & Business Development Neil Duffy | Robert Morris University Executive Director- Esports Kurt Melcher | Maestro Ceo Ari Evans | Player 2 Player Studios Partner Dan Chui | Dot Esports Managing Editor Saira Mueller | Esports Insider Editor Sam Cooke | Edelman Lead Esports Strategist Kyle Stallock | Twog Nation Ceo Sebastian Lager | Woodside Capital Partners Managing Director Steven Wade | Gamer Sensei Co-Founder William Collis | DR1 Racing Founder Brad Foxhoven | Rotowire Staff Writer- Esports Brandon Martin | Meta Consulting Co-Founder Shashi Singh | EsportsPedia Ceo Matt Gunnin | Gamer Gauntlet Founder & CEO Curtis Smith | NFL Director of Strategy and Business Development David Highhill    

XLIVE 2017: eSport Summit – Sponsors
Thuzi, Presenting Sponsor | Connect&Go | Backstage Networks | Experient | ShowClix | TicketGuardian | Ultimate Media Ventures | TNL Media | Esports Insider | Esports Observer | Dot Esports | Events for Gamers |

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