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The XLIVE Esports Summit Announces First Wave of Speakers for Two-Day Event

Established esports industry executives, and non-endemic brands and organizations alike will gather in Los Angeles from June 25-27 for one of the esports industry’s most recognized conferences.

The XLIVE Esports Summit recently announced the first wave of speakers including Ryan Ruden of Columbia Records, Josh Barney of the Utah Jazz, Chris Mann of NRG Esports, Justin Varghese of DreamHack, Chad De Luca of Publicis Media Sports and Entertainment, and Mike Kinney of the Children’s Miracle Network.

To visit the official page for the XLIVE Esports Summit, go to https://esports.xlivecon.com

This year’s agenda will host the featured Esports Executive Track, led by executives in various non-endemic industries including the LA Rams, Spartan, and Verizon, will highlight best practices and educate industry participants on how to best integrate and increase their market position in the esports space.

The event will cover a breadth of the post pertinent esports topics of discussion, including:

  • Digital Turf: Breaking Down Esports Live Events.  From enhancing visitor experience, event branding, and promotions & advertising, to creating new revenue streams, executives from Redrock Entertainment, DreamHack, and Egency Global will provide attendees with first-hand experiences, recommendations and considerations on how to make the most of their digital signage in the esports space.
  • The Esports Horizon: What's Next for Esports Partnerships.  As esports has grown in size and popularity, global brands have joined to sign lucrative sponsorship deals.  Led by Publicis, TSM, and Ader, this panel will help dissect the vast scope of the esports landscape to share insights and market knowledge from their experiences in the space.
  • Everybody Plays: Exploring Fan Engagement in the Esports Landscape.  While the industry consensus is that increasing fan engagement and investment within esports is paramount to industry growth, the question still remains: “How do I increase fan engagement?”  Experts from Gfinity, Taunt, and the Children's Miracle Network will share experience and provide knowledge and tools to best engage esports fanatics.
  • Streamers: Building a Community and Business in Gaming.  Streamers and their influence will be a recurring topic of conversation at the event, featuring a panel including several of the world’s largest esports streamers: Leslie “Fuslie” Fu, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter.
  • Investing in Esports: Understanding All the Levels of Entry.  In a competitive landscape with teams and leagues based in nearly every continent on the globe, the esports industry has become an increasingly popular investment opportunity for VC’s, management firms and traditional professional sports franchises. Executives from Mission Control, Konvoy Ventures, and ESP Gaming will provide a wide ranging overview of their esports investment strategies and will discuss where market growth and volatility is most likely to manifest itself within the esports industry over the next decade.

XLIVE combined its Los Angeles and New York single day summits from 2018 to create the two day, multi-track, 2019 conference.

“Combining these two events will give attendees an opportunity to gain a much more comprehensive look at the state of the esports industry,” says Kye Browning, Conference Manager at XLIVE.  “Los Angeles is the center of entertainment in the US, and a great city for the esports event as we’re able to further build and collaborate with the thriving esports ecosystem and community there.”

More than 60 esports superstars will be presenting on two stages over the course of the program alongside leading organizations such as MGM Resorts International who will be announcing their latest esports initiatives, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, & Hampton, which provides legal advisory services through its newly-formed multidisciplinary esports industry team, and leading stakeholders from Experient, Sciens.io, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, and AAA Flag & Banner.

With the help of Klik event technology, attendees will have the unique opportunity to network and talk esports shop with presenters, conference participants, and leading esports organizations, enjoying one-on-one opportunities to establish meaningful, impactful, and actionable business relationships with fellow esports industry participants.

In a space where esports events are becoming plentiful, XLIVE Esports Summits stand out by offering executive-level, leadership-oriented programs in one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in live entertainment.

To register, visit https://esports.xlivecon.com/en/Register/Registration

To learn more about the conference, and to get involved, visit https://esports.xlivecon.com

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